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Learn Essentials for Nonprofit Fundraising and Marketing Success

Sacramento, California - April 19-20, 2018 - Location Details
Grapevine, Texas - June 25-26, 2018 - Location Details 
Providence, Rhode Island - October 3-4, 2018 - Location Details

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Why enLIGHTen Essentials?

Looking for a focused introduction to development (nonprofit fundraising, marketing, communications, and leadership)? Are you new to the field, with zero to four years of experience, or transitioning into the field, or someone for whom development is just one piece of your position? This is for YOU!

A major component of enLIGHTen Essentials is mentoring. Your mentor will be there, making an immediate connection and interacting with you throughout the course and then for six months or more afterward will provide additional support on a project of your choosing. Attendees of previous enLIGHTen Essentials events said how much they loved having a mentor, how it was incredibly helpful to have a mentor there to meet face to face.

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Kelly Bergman"I'm in a small shop and new in my career. I got a lot out of my sessions that I could take back and implement immediately, and made connections right away with others in similar positions, which was so encouraging.

I really enjoyed being with people who are working in the field of development and who are willing to listen."

Kelly Bergman
Director of LCC Relations
Lutheran Campus Center
Winona, Minnesota
Attendee of EnLIGHTEN Essentials
Sioux Falls, South Dakota, October 2016

Essentials Group

You will build a firm foundation for career and mission success learning the fundamentals of fundraising, from the donor cycle to building and communicating the case statement, to working with volunteers, constituents and boards. Featured will be presentations from experienced professionals, sharing skills and knowledge needed to build a firm foundation for development success. 

If you aren't sure where to begin, what questions to ask or what a CRT is (no, it's not an old school TV), we're here for you!

Connect with fellow attendees who are asking many of the same questions, and experiencing similar challenges, as you. ALDE is known for building a strong community of colleagues who will support you throughout your career.

Learn how to:

  • Develop an Integrated Fundraising Program 
  • Build and Sustain Relationships 
  • Secure the Gift
  • Market for Ongoing Success 
  • Utilize Volunteers as Partners
  • Work With Constituents, Boards, and Colleagues

Register Now for all this:

  • Two full days of instruction with six workshops
  • Two lunches and one dinner (plus breakfast included at the hotel) 
  • A personal mentor
  • Entry into a supportive cohort

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Even if you think this isn't for you or someone you know, it is! If you aren't Lutheran, it's OK. Yes, we have Lutheran roots, but we've had non-Lutherans attend, and they were just as pleased. If you aren't working in development right now, it's OK. enLIGHTen Essentials is great for those exploring the profession. Some early attendees were in job transitions, and others were just starting to consider nonprofit work. If you aren't an ALDE member, it's OK.

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Get on Track for CFRE With EE

All 2017 enLIGHTen Essentials events have been approved for 9.25 CFRE CE points. CFRE, or Certified Fund Raising Executive, is the accredited and internationally recognized certification credential for development professionals who have attained and demonstrated a deep understanding of field best practices in ethical fundraising. ALDE is a CFRE Participating Organisation. This partnership means that ALDE stands ready to help you reach your certification or recertification goals. Although the CFRE credential is for professionals with five or more years of experience, enLIGHTen Essentials is a great way to get on track to attaining your certification, and the rate per point is hard to beat. Download the CE tracker form

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Thank you to the Milton Murray Fund for Philanthropy for cost underwriting of enLIGHTen Essentials.