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If you work in development, taking advantage of ACF CFRE Study Days is one of the most cost-effective and schedule-friendly ways to advance yourself and your organization. Of course, if you're preparing for the CFRE Exam you'll want to attend, but the course is beneficial for so much more than that. It provides an excellent introductory overview if you're new to the field. It also offers a valuable refresher program for the more experienced professional - even one who already has CFRE certification - as the profession is always changing (and you can get CE points for recertification). Participating in CFRE Study Days expands your horizons because it gives you the tools you need to succeed in your career and to effectively work toward your mission. 

With the global exam, this course will apply to you no matter the country in which you serve - it's not just applicable to attendees in the U.S. The content will be presented by webinar, meaning you can attend from anywhere. View the schedule for the session listing.

CFRE Continuing Ed LogoCFRE Study Days is a two-day course, so you'll want to attend both days, not just one or the other. ACF is a CFRE Approved Provider and this course has been approved for 8.0 CFRE CE points. At a cost of only $175, the course is always a great value, and that's even more so the case when you consider a cost of less than $22 per point. Download the CE Points Tracker form. Registration also includes your copy of the brand new "CFRE Exam Compass Study Guide," a $50 value. 

Please share CFRE Study Days with friends and colleagues.  The event is open to all development professionals, not just ACF members, so please make sure all who could benefit know about this opportunity.

Order the recordings

Dize-Jon"The ACF CFRE Study Days Were Invaluable"

"The ACF CFRE Study Days were invaluable in my passing the CFRE Exam and receiving the CFRE designation.  Having been in the nonprofit field for 25 years, I figured I knew it all ... hardly!  Or, at least I had forgotten key points along the way.  The Study Days were well organized, and having the materials available for pretest review was helpful, especially with the Ethics module.  You can't beat the review format: webinar - not having to trudge to a remote workshop area.  Last, the cost for the review days was very affordable and better than any other option available. 

Even if you are a few years from eligibility to take the test, the ACF CFRE Study Days are a great immersion into all aspects of advancement work.  They will be well worth the introduction for new staffers and a great review for seasoned old-timers like myself."
Jon Dize, CFRE
Director of Advancement, The Lutheran Schools Partnership
Fort Wayne, Indiana 

Certified Fund Raising Executive

ACF is a CFRE Participating Organization.  Participating Organizations endorse the CFRE credential and act as advocates to encourage professional certification. This partnership means that ACF stands ready to help you reach your certification or recertification goals, and also speaks for you regarding issues affecting development and the credential. As a CFRE Approved Provider, ACF offers educational opportunities approved for CFRE Continuing Education Points, such as the ACF Faith & Fundraising Conference and CFRE Study Days. Plus, ACF members can receive 20% off initial certification and recertification thanks to our status as a Participating Organization.

CFRE CE Tracker Forms

Use these forms to keep track of the points you earn through certain ALDE offerings: